Showcase xLog personal social platform

Although xLog currently supports the display of accounts on many social platforms, most of them are foreign social platforms.
I think we can allow users on the xLog community to showcase their diversity, because it's hard to fully understand a person in this community just by writing articles. I hope everyone can show their colorful selves, which can help us find friends with similar interests and values in the community, after all, there are quite a few domestic users on the xLog community.
For example, you can share your:

  • Instagram
  • Douyin/Tiktok (personal short video platform)
  • Xiaohongshu (many users have written excellent Xiaohongshu articles)
  • NetEase Cloud (allows everyone to understand a person's personality and taste through NetEase Cloud playlists)
    Of course, these icons were inspected by myself, hoping that the xLog official can consider the suggestion 😘
    Mentioning my idol @DIYgod
    PS: In the past, making friends through blogs could only be done by discovering excellent webmasters through friend links. Now the xLog community brings everyone together, making it easier for us to find like-minded and excellent friends. I really like this community and hope xLog continues to improve! The number of users joining is increasing~
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